Mission Vission & Values

Bank slogans:

Co-operative participation to build sympathetic society.


The creator of the universe the world and Almighy Allah Subhaanu Ta'ala given, The Prophet's Hazrat Mohammad Mostafa (S:) (peace be upon him) displaying the complete perfect lawful rule of the human race, the rule on the basis of the holy Qur'an and Al-Ahadith (shariah) Through united the method of this the grassroots mobilizes with through the mutual co-operation, through the formation of savings-capital formation and investing, revolution on socio-economic development, security, peace-equality, eradicates the interest of, security, and poverty eradication to pave The way for root of the interest and re-organizht of the members fundamental necessities including food, clothes, shelter, education and medical care along with compassionate members of the overall welfare and development re-arrangement through the forming a sympathetic society of bargaining and To achieve Allah’s satisfaction.


The great creator has established an ever-dynamic and ever-lasting modern full-fledged life-course for people of all walks of life. The only guarantee of peace, prosperity, certainty and security of the world-humanity in its complete will and obedience. Islamic Co-operative Bank Ltd. in the socio-economic management of the country through financial assistance, sympathy, justice and charity, and through government approved programs and programs organized by the bank, to create necessary self-employment by collecting and investing in the necessary savings capital / capital among the organized population. Earth-Sampling Before Elimination However, achieve growth and improve the quality of life of peace and a happy and prosperous, self-deprivation, exploitation of gold Bengali fabricated.


Islamic Co-operative Bank Ltd., the sustainable environment of meaningful democracy in establishing a society of values, equality, solidarity, fraternity, love, transparency, accountability and good governance, to build up the values of religious values, Lakshi is enormous for achieving economic prosperity. Independence of country-maternal independence by creating employment opportunities and participating in all classes of people Relentless efforts and commitment to preserve intact sarbabhaumatba.