Smiley faceIn the earnest efforts of the present government, some banks have small projects, but they are less than the demand. But it is a matter of great regret that some people who want to get rid of interest and interest-bearing business, who are co-operative, are involved in the conspiracy of endangered development and destruction of the country. Some organizations of foreign partners are trying to keep the head of the government in good-tactics with their joint conspiracy conspiracy to adopt and implement cooperative-based public welfare schemes. In that sense, about 18 million people in the country of poverty, in the scope of poverty, the highly monopolized Benai's ideological octopus, all those pro-small minority financial institutions and financial institutions are organized by organizing the deprived people of Bengal, especially women society in their hunting material. And the micro credit business, by putting burden burden on the burden of women and poor poor people, is taking the double meaning of the real estate, including the interest of the unbelieving people. For the sake of the loan, the poor people started from the tin of the household's rice and their bodies were exposed to kidneys, eyes, liver, and pimples. Sourcing them all, taking the spoils of the poor man's resources. In order to save those poor people with dignified status, the inevitable demand of establishment and expansion of "Islami Co-operative Bank Ltd.