Smiley face On this map, our motherland has painted red beacons on the delicate delta of the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is a small country of 56 thousand square miles in the hands of thousands of martyrs and in exchange for the honor and honor of thousands of mothers and sisters. In 1971, a state full of independence war in the war was completed; the great hero of independence, the architect of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was able to understand with his heart that the socio-economic and infrastructure of the people of all the countries of the country as well as the cooperatives The year is a successful test checked sector. To achieve unity, brotherhood, love, goodwill, peace and prosperity on the basis of co-operative policies and ideology, Bangabandhu declared the 'cooperative' second ownership sector after the state owned by the country's great holy constitution. According to the declaration of Bangabandhu, the cooperatives were able to contribute significantly to the overall development of the whole country through the establishment of a cooperative in each sector starting from para-mahalla. Bangabandhu's Sonar Bangla was written and written. It is poverty, sadness and misery. The goldsmith of prosperity is indicated.Islamic Co-Operative Bank's Needs: The vast population of Bangladesh is living below the poverty line and the people of poverty, with the help of some nominal, anonymous, small-scale financial institutions, are destroying the faith, culture, life and culture of the Muslim community. To accelerate the economic life of the lingering people on the verge of destruction, there is a lot of people who believe in religious discipline and the growing financial institutions. It is commendable that the other Islamic banks of the country including Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited are implementing financial monopoly for the rich people who have many things. But there is no realistic project yet in the existing banks of the country to make millions of unemployed educated lakhs unemployed and poor and marginalized and working people who are destitute, financially deprived, merit and merit at once.