Dawah & Tablig

Islam is the Allah Sunhanahu tayala nominated religion or way of life. We are Muslims. Our religion is Islam. The nominated of Islam is Tawheed and Resalat. That is, peace in this world and remedy in the Hereafter through slavery to Allah and obedience to the Prophet (S:). That is the purpose of ordering good deeds and forbidding evil deeds. It is the religious duty of every Muslim to save the world humanity from the darkness of confusion about faith/Akkidah. This is basically Nubuyati's/Prophet’s responsibility. Dawah and Tablig is the name of fulfilling the responsibilities absence by the prophets. It is the moral duty of every Muslim to carry on the responsibility of religion in Da'wah till the Day of Resurrection as directed by Allah and his Rasul (S.). Islamic Co-operative Bank Ltd.

organizes seminars, Symposiums, Tafsir, Sirat, Kerat and Waz mahfils as well as exchange of views and discussions with people of different walks of life on contemporary issues with the aim of building a sympathetic society through the wide spread of religious dawah. In addition, the sole aim of Dawah and Tablig is to provide regular Mosque-based Quranic education and training on Islamic fundamentals, and to promote Islamic life through the printing and distribution of leaflets. Islamic civilization has a rich history of thousands of years of glorious. The basic mission of Dawah and Tablig is to implement the provision of equality in the society on the basis of Tawheed & Resalat. Islamic civilization demands the establishment of a happy, prosperous, peaceful and sympathetic society bound by harmony irrespective of race, religion and caste. Sustainable environment of meaningful democracy in establishing equality, unity, amity, brotherhood, love, transparency-accountability, justice and good governance by upholding religious values. Islami Co-operative Bank Ltd. is relentless in its commitment to keep the sovereignty intact and intact.